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Bring the clean, free power of the sun to your roof top!

Considering Solar?

Here are the facts:

  • 26% Federal tax credit
  • $1,000 State tax credit
  • Long-term low rate financing
  • Payments lower than utility bill

Payback in about 8 years!

- Yuma Solar

Saving money is the reason…

The most important thing to remember is that your savings will increase over time. This makes solar somewhat unique. Most investments start to depreciate rather quickly, but with solar, the opposite is true. Within the first eight years or so, you can completely pay off your solar panels, and the rest of the savings after that go right into your pocket. Over the lifespan of your panels, you can expect to earn somewhere in excess of $50,000 with some variation depending upon the size of your system. Yuma Solar provides a detailed payback scenario with every quote.

Conventional Power Problems

  • Rising costs
  • Volatile prices
  • Constant maintenance
  • No investment value
  • Carbon-producing
  • Pollutant
  • Expensive fuel required
  • No added home value

Solar Power Solutions

  • Decreasing costs
  • Reliable, consistently priced energy
  • Low maintenance
  • Earns you money from utility companies
  • Carbon-neutral
  • Non-polluting – a green energy source
  • No fuel required – the sun does all the work
  • Adds value to home
- Yuma Solar

Yuma Solar is your best choice because…

  • Qualified Solar Installers
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Over 30 Years in Business
  • Family Owned and Operated Locally
  • 5-year 0% Financing
  • Up to 20-year 2.99% Financing
  • Free Estimates
  • 10-year Workmanship Guarantee
  • Panel-Level Monitoring
  • Custom System Sizes
  • Scalable – Add More Panels Later

Related Services

- Yuma Solar

Solar Panel Cleaning

Yuma Solar will clean your solar panels with spot-free water, and hand-wipe and dry each panel individually at minimal cost. Cleaning is desirable if you live in a particularly dusty area, or if bird droppings are present. One cleaning a year is sufficient if panels stay relatively clean. At the time of cleaning, Yuma Solar will visually inspect your system.

- Yuma Solar

Warranty Maintenance Service

Panels and inverters are covered by extended warranties up to 25 years. If anything goes wrong with any of your solar equipment, Yuma Solar will troubleshoot and fix the problem, with technical support from the manufacturer. If any replacement parts are necessary, Yuma Solar will receive them from the manufacturer and install promptly.

- Yuma Solar

Removal and Replacement of Panels

Solar panels have extremely long life spans, beyond their 25-year warranty period. If your roof needs to be replaced, Yuma Solar will remove your panels, and replace them after the roof is completed at minimal cost. Coordination with your roofer assures that power production loss is limited.

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