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Energy Storage


Blue Planet Energy offers reliable, long lasting energy storage systems for off-grid, back up, and self supply. Blue Ion batteries
are scalable--perfect for 3-phase small
commercial applications.

Blue Ion high performance batteries rapidly recharge to capture all the energy from solar panels, and 100% discharge means you can use the entire battery. Blue Ion LiFePO4 batteries equals safety; they require no rare minerals and are stable under the most challenging physical conditions, unlike other lithium batteries. Can be monitored from
smart phones.



VIDEO: sonnen Eco Smart basics

SPECS: sonnen Eco Smart specs

sonnen Eco Smart Energy Storage

Quiet - Automatic - Flexible
Provides electricity during power outages and at night
Can be programmed to provide power during peak hours
Real time, cloud based monitoring
Download the sonnenApp to your smart phone

sonnen Eco Smart energy storage systems provide grid freedom
during power outages and at night. LiFePO4 batteries are the
safest available, and are stable under the most challenging physical
conditions. Eco Smart connects between the inverter and electrical
service, storing excess energy from PV panels, or from the grid during
off-peak times when power is cheaper. Eco Smart storage capacity is
available in 4 kWh to 16 kWh configurations. (See chart below for
typical energy consumption.)

Eco Smart energy storage monitoring has a user friendly interface
and provides real time metrics. Can be monitored from smart phones.

Grid Freedom

Now, the light still shines in your home when your neighbors are in the dark.



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