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Partnering with Yuma Solar


Builders and Roofers

Now you can offer attractive photovoltaic panels and battery options to your residential customers. REC panels offer a 25-year manufacturer's warranty, and Yuma Solar offers a 5-year warranty on workmanship.

Yuma Solar offers dealer prices and will partner with you to provide a complete customer care package for grid-connected solar systems (with optional energy storage), including guidance with APS programs.

Partnering with Yuma Solar

1. Yuma Solar will provide an itemized written quotation for rooftop solar, and all electrical equipment associated with connecting the system to the utility grid.
2. Yuma Solar will assist with reserving APS interconnection application.
3. Yuma Solar will complete and upload all paperwork associated with APS interconnection.
4. Customer will sign purchase/installation agreement with Yuma Solar.
5. Solar materials will be ordered, and job scheduling will be coordinated with builder or roofer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your Customer Care Package include?
Our Customer Care Package includes a site visit to recommend energy efficiencies, calculate solar paths and shading issues, and discuss expected solar system output. An itemized written quotation is provided, with material specification sheets. In addition, we will assist customers with completing utility interconnection agreements. Yuma Solar will conduct a 30-day follow-up inspection at no additional charge.

What energy efficiency recommendations do you make to customers?
Replace incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs.
Use motion sensor porch light.
Use double-pane windows.
Be sure you have adequate ceiling insulation.
Buy UV screens for windows.
Use power strips for remote control devices.
Unplug cell phone chargers when not in use.
Clean dryer lint trap.
Change air conditioning filter often.
Replace old refrigerator or freezer with Energy Star appliances.

Will our agreement with Yuma Solar be handled in a sub-contract?
Not necessarily. Your roofing warranty will be issued to the customer. APS requires that the electrical installation of solar systems be contracted directly with the customer.

Are you also licensed to do business in California?
Yes. CA license #581942, since 1989.

Do you have liability insurance?
Yes. We are fully bonded and insured for $2,000,000.


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